Your Guide To Chicago Street Festivals
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What it is:  The Taste of Polonia is is a celebration of Polish culture right here in Chicago.  Maybe you forgot that Chicago has long claimed to have the largest Polish population outside of Poland!  So whether you’re Polish or not, head to the Taste of Polonia to enjoy kielbasa, pierogi’s, potato pancakes, Polish beers, as well as things that aren’t food related – like live bands and polka!  And with free cooking classes and a kids stage, there’s really no reason not to go.  Plus, when was the last time you were in Jefferson Park?

Dates:  September 4-7, 2015

Hours: Fri: 5-10:30pm; Sat & Sun: 12-10:30pm; Monday: 12-10pm

Neighborhood: Jefferson Park

Address: 5216 W. Lawrence Ave., Chicago, IL

Cost:  $7; Seniors $5; Kids Free.

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